Friday, October 02, 2009

Reaching the Peak: Full Moon

The full moon phase begins its influence a few days before its completely full state.   It offers heightened energy and stimulates productivity, which aids in the completion of a goal.  The full moon tends to influence emotions (we have all heard the stories of the rise of activity at police stations and hospitals at the full moon), however, the heightened emotions rarely lead to lunacy.  Instead the full moon's influence assists in gaining new perspectives, experiencing breakthroughs and revelations.

Now is the time to pour energy into a project or task. This is the time for high productivity and more investment in creative and physical resources.  In a healthy productive cycle, as guided by the moon, a week of high production and extra effort is much more realistic than continuous and unsustainable action.  The full moon offers the light of inspiration and serves as a beacon that our goals can be met when we work toward them with balance and clarity.

Additionally, a day or two after the full moon is the best time to remove old habits, end unhealthy relationships,  or quit an addiction. 

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