Friday, January 26, 2007

Beag: Keeper of the Well of Wisdom (SOLD)

At last, the latest painting for the From Beyond the Ninth Wave series is completed. This one is entitled Beag: Keeper of the Well of Wisdom. The goddess Beag (pronounced: BEG), possessed a magic well, which was guarded by her three daughters. When the Irish hero Fionn Mac Cumhail came to the well to ask for a drink the daughters tried to keep him from getting the water. One of the daughters threw water over him to frighten him away, but some of the water trickled into his mouth, giving him wisdom.

This painting is comprised of A LOT of glaze work. Using only three colors (Yellow, Magenta, and Blue), I made fine washes of color over each other, sometimes adding up to 20 layers in places to create colors of depth and intensity. I washed over some of the colors with thin layers of white to create the cloudiness and veiled look to some of the colors. The reference to the painting was a part of the Orion Nebula. I used mainly the color and shapes of the nebula to inspire me, but as I worked on the painting it began to take its own shape. Perhaps Beag was imparting some wisdom upon me? Well, I will have to get back to you about that.


Friday, January 19, 2007

OPEN STUDIO EVENT -- January 26th 6 - 10pm


OPEN STUDIO EVENT -- January 26th 6 - 10pm

For those in the area (and those who aren't but would like to travel here) I invite you to attend The Pendleton Art Center's (PAC) January final friday open studio.

We're having a special art show at the 510 Studios Gallery! The show is entitled "I {Heart} Art" to celebrate Art, Love, Passion and Valentine's Day. There will be live music by Jane Andre', a raffle, appearance by "Lian the Wonder Puppy" (510 Studio's newly elected mascot), a photographer, food and drink and much more!

This is a Free event.

510 Gallery is located at 1310 Pendleton across from the main Pendleton Art Center Building, Cincinnati, OH.

Free On-street parking is available or Valet is available for a small fee.


My mailing list just continues to grow and grow and I am so grateful for your interest! I want to continue to provide an interesting and dynamic blog to you all and I have found a newsfeed service that will automatically alert subscribers to any new entries on DoAn Art News. In addition, this newsfeed service will help me keep track of how many hits my blog receives and from what websites and search engines people are finding me. It will help me tremendously in getting my art out for all to see!

I would like to invite you all to sign up for the subscription service. It is free of charge, and very simple to do. Just enter the email address you would like the blog delivered to in the box (on the right of the blog entries). You will receive a follow up email to confirm your subscription. Your emails will be secure, protected from spam, and held in the strictest of confidentiality. You can sign up and cancel subscription at any time. And, I'll say it's free!!

I hope to see you all there!!


Saturday, January 13, 2007


Stroke6 (13 x 17, Chinese watercolor, ink, acrylic on watercolor paper, SOLD).

Work on the paintings in the From Beyond the Ninth Wave series continues, but due to the amount of glaze work involved the paintings are taking a bit longer to complete. I should have a new one to post in another week or so. In the meantime, here is a painting that came about as a result of a commission I had been asked to do recently. The commission was a welcome challenge that found me returning to my brush painting/calligraphy techniques.

The painting pictured above (Stroke6) was completed using ink, acrylic, and Chinese watercolors. One thing I enjoy about Chinese watercolors is their density due to the high mineral content. The paints need to be well dissolved with water in order to create smooth, even washes. I only added a little water to the paint, to prevent the minerals from dissolving evenly. The result is an interesting abstract pattern that gives the painting some subtle texture.


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