Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ladybug Invasion

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Pet said...

Eiw! Eiw! eiw! They probably aren't ladybugs, they're Asian Lady Beetles. They've been taking over the south and west of the Mississippi for the last 20 years and started a massive invasion as far north as New Jersey this year.

They release a stinky allergen if bothered and almost nothing will eat them because they aren't native to North America. They also start eating fruits, vegetables and sweet plants if they run out of aphids, which is why I no longer have any indoor fruit plants, including my poor cherry bonsai, and I am keeping my red maple in a covered terrarium. I open the window and wear a mask when I vacuum them up because their spray is worse than ragweed.

They'll wear out their welcome very quickly!

Antony Galbraith said...

They are indeed the Asian Multicolor Lady Bug. And, yes! They are also very stinky.

I didn't know about an allergy connected to them, but this has me thinking. Both Lian and I have not been feeling well since they appeared. I may need to check out this a little further.

Thanks for the Eiw!

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