Thursday, October 08, 2009

Autumn in Missouri

Being from the Northeastern part of America, I am used to an eye-dazzling array of autumn colors.  The trees are dressed in garments of brilliant orange, neon yellows, scarlet reds and russet browns.   As an artist who is attracted to rich, saturated colors, the draw of such a display by nature is obvious.

Here in Missouri, the colors are much more understated.  Greens give way to browns and maroon reds and soft golden colors. Autumn here is a quiet transformation, and I admit, I continually look for the brash and bold statements that I am used to.  However, I am starting to acclimate to the Autumn here, for one thing, the weather is much more pleasant, which makes the Autumn season more leisurely and longer.  Autumn in the Northeast (if measured by the display of leaves) is maddeningly short, a matter of weeks and it is bare, brown and dreary. 

On one of my walks in the woods I came across this small grove of dogwood trees. They were the most showy of the Autumn leaves I have seen in Missouri so far.  They were all the more striking with the sun shining down through them, illuminating each leaf, reminding me of the leaves back home where they glow with color, even without the aid of the sun.  Even so, the Autumn of Missouri, much like the people of the midwest, is laid-back, leisurely and beautifully understated.  It makes one appreciative of just having time to relax and watch the world around you doing its glorious dance.

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