Thursday, August 17, 2006

Why DoAn?

In April of 2002 I took Buddhist precepts and was given the name: Do An. It is the Korean pronunciation of the Chinese words Dao An, meaning loosely "Way of Peace". Soon after, I decided to sign my art under the name DoAn, as it was through my Buddhist practice that I came to understand the importance of art in my life. You may notice on the logo, there is a third character in Chinese. Because the word "art" used here doesn't translate accurately in Chinese, I chose a character that is in keeping with the traditional use of the seal. This character, Jai, translates to "studio", a word traditionally used for seals, which indicates the work comes from a particular artist's or scholar's studio or place of study.

I hope that as you see my work develop, that this logo will become a recognizable feature to my art, which authenticates and legitimizes my artwork as much as my hand-painted signature does.

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