Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Back

The furniture is moved, the boxes unpacked...The DoAn Art Studio is officially open!

The space is quite luxurious (in comparison to my previous studio, which was my bedroom) with almost 400 sq. ft. and skylights above letting natural light in...I feel very comfortable working in the space. Additionally, it is a great feeling to be working right alongside other talented artists.

I have even completed a few new paintings (The Moon and Blooming), sold a few (Sleeping Beauty, English Hill (pictured above), Autumn Hill and Uranus) and started working on some new landscape paintings. Inspired by my new environment, and the changing season, I have been spending some time developing some new pieces based on Autumn. At the same time, I am doing some research for a new series of paintings, which I hope to begin painting in the next month.

With the opening of the DoAn Art Studio at the Pendleton Art Center, comes the opening of the DoAn Art virtual studio. In order to provide access to my studio to all people no matter what your location may be. In the coming months I will be redesigning my website to better serve as a virtual studio. Look for frequent postings regarding new work, an introduction to the Patron Program and the Painting of the Week feature, among other new and exciting things.

Best wishes,

Coming next: photos of the DoAn Art Studio, the Pendleton Art Center, and new paintings.

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