Monday, November 17, 2008

The Spiral and a New Logo

Some of you may have noticed that the DoAn Art logo recently changed. Over the last two years I have seen my art develop and evolve in a direction that was less rooted in Asian traditions as it used to be. Traditional Asian painting techniques will still be a big influence in my art, however, I wanted to open my work up to a more universal source, rather than be tied to one particular culture. I meditated for some time on what symbol would best represent my work and it wasn’t long before the spiral appeared in my mind’s eye. I immediately knew it was the right symbol for my logo. But it did take some teasing and study to get that image out of my mind and into the shape of a logo.

I learned that the spiral is a powerful symbol, long held in high regard by nearly every culture on earth. The Romans and Greeks used spirals to decorate pottery and temple columns. The Celtic and Nordic people used the spiral to decorate jewelry, clothing, weaponry and many other objects. The megalithic peoples of Europe carved spirals into many of their stone structures. The Australian Aboriginals used coiled snakes to represent the spiral and Islamic art used the mathematical principals of the spiral.

The spiral appears in nature. Geothe noted that many plants grew in a spiraling motion and that many seeds and flower petals formed spiral patterns. The spiral can also be found in the movement of the tides and winds as well as in the growth of shells and horns.

Symbolically the spiral can represent the growing and waning influence of the sun as it moves through the cycle of the year. Or it can represent the cycles of life and the rhythm of coming and passing, such as in the seasons, or of life and death itself. By the curving path of the lines, the spiral links outside to inside, space and spacelessness, time and eternity, material and spirit. I have even used the spiral in my own artwork. If you look at my last painting The Honeybee, I centered the thorax of each bee over the path of a spiral.

As a result of my meditation and study, I decided to develop a logo utilizing the symbol of the spiral. I also made two spirals emerging from a single source, perhaps they are merging into one, or maybe it is both simultaneously. I wanted a logo that symbolized how my art comes from a common source, a universal place that we all share. It is my hope that my art will connect me to other people, to nature, and to all that makes up the world we know and don’t know. I also believe that the spiral adequately represents the patron-artist relationship, where two people work together toward one goal, unifying their energies for a common purpose. Over time, I am sure my logo will continue to develop, but for now I believe this new design best represents my art and what I hope to achieve through it.

I hope you enjoy the new design! Please take a moment to look for how the spiral informs and influences your own life!


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