Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vermont Studio Center Residency: Day 1

Well, I made the long trip up to the mountains of Vermont without incident. The first day was devoted to settling in, feeling out my space and establishing a routine.

My cell phone does not work up here and my access to the Internet is quite limited, but I am actually enjoying the escape from constant connectivity. My room is sparsely furnished with a bed, desk and sitting chair. I spend the day working in my studio and the evenings reading, doing some reflective writing, and knitting. I am reading books about myth and art's role in myth making. It is great food for my painting! One of the books I am reading is When they Severed Earth From Sky by Barber & Barber. It has already gotten the wheels in my brain turning, I am sure I will have some work and thoughts to share as a result from reading the book.

Here is a picture of my studio space all set up and ready for new work to be made in. I will share my experiences and thoughts while here over the next four weeks, so check back periodically if you don't subscribe to my blog.

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