Friday, October 03, 2008

The Orphan Act Bill -- The End of Free Creative Expression?

Back in May I wrote about a very problematic bill being proposed by Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and other Senators. You can read about what I said here.

Well, now that the country is caught up in the scare tactics of the government over the financial crisis the Orphan Acts Bill was slipped into the senate where it PASSED because no one was present to vote against it! Please take a moment to write your representative now! If you value art, writing, music either as a creator or a collector, this bill will effect you dramatically.

Use these templates to send out a letter to your representatives:

It is best to copy and paste the letter template into a hard copy and mail the letter out. I was informed by an assistant to a senator that emails go to a junk folder and are never opened. The best way to have yourself heard is by sending a letter and addressing the envelope by hand.

Here is the Orphan Acts Bill as proposed:

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Pet said...

I did this the day of your first post and received a very polite but noncommittal reply in the mail along with an unrelated survey.

I'm afraid the blizzard has already started and it is too late for the snowflakes to vote.

Antony Galbraith said...

Thanks for sending your letter.
I believe it is important for the representatives to know what the people think...even if it is too late. But I am crossing my fingers that we can get to them before the final vote is passed.

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