Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughts on the Harvest

As Autumn takes the stage here in the upper hemisphere, I pause to reflect on the notion of the harvest. For many of us, who live busy, urbanized lives, the harvest time is hardly considered. When food comes readily at the grocery market and supplies can be purchased throughout the winter, do we really need to think about the meaning or necessity of the harvest time?

I think we do. And I think that it is because many of us have forgotten the meaning of the harvest, that we find ourselves in such a difficult time now. The harvest is a time to celebrate on a year's hard work. It is a time to gather and be thankful for what one has...whether it is food, shelter, a family, friends, a community. Without this time to reflect and to give thanks, it is much easier to take those things for granted. Without considering the hard work that goes into providing one with those basic things, it is easier to assume it comes from an endless source and that can make one desire more and more without appreciating (or even knowing) what one already has.

Now we find ourselves in a society that is struggling with the pitfalls of greed and over-consumption. Economic crisis, environmental crisis, social crisis...could these have been averted if more attention had been paid on the harvest? Now is the perfect time to reflect, for it will be a challenging winter, and perhaps by acknowledging what we have, we will be less likely to take things for granted in the future.

For many, it feels like it will be a bleak, terrible winter. But, take a moment, and pause to reflect on what you have. Don't compare yourself to others, try not to strive for more, really look at what you have now. I suspect many of us will find we already have much more than we need. If you find you have more than you need, share it with those who are struggling. If we are lacking something, perhaps it is time to cultivate new relations and reach out to others. This doesn't have to be limited to money and material things. Friendship, hugs, volunteering in the community, helping a neighbor, sending out positive thoughts, they all are part of the harvest.

Happy Autumn!
pictured above: Autumn Maple Leaf, original watercolor sold, but prints are available at Fine Art America 

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