Friday, October 17, 2008

New Greeting Card & Contributing toward a Better World

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I have uploaded a new greeting card design to my print on demand site. This design is from a painting I did while living in New York City. Ironically, it is a painting of the hill just down the road from where I am living now in Upstate New York! I plan to do a painting of this hill in each of the four seasons so look for a set of four cards in the future! You can view and order the greeting card here.

Also, I am starting to get my materials together for the Vermont Studio Center residency. It is only five weeks away and there is still much to do! Like, for instance, figuring out how I am going to get there with my supplies! Currently, I am preparing some preliminary sketches and drawings for the paintings I will be working on while there. I plan to do two abstracts and a landscape. Once I have the sketches complete, then I can create a color palette so that I can select the paints that I will bring.

It may seem like a terrible time to be generous, but please consider the gift to community that individual artists give. This is not the time for us to give in to fears and worries, but rather, to extend our support and remember that goodness and generosity exists in every situation. By supporting individual artists, community development groups, social service organizations, we support ourselves and make a healthy community and in turn a better world. Your tax-deductible contribution to DoAn Art can go toward improving our lives by allowing beautiful and thought provoking works to be shared with society. A simple, but effective way to ease your mind during this time of fear and uncertainty is to take an active role in making the world a better place by offering your support.

Thank you for your support!
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Pate said...

I love your greeting card! Pretty!

Antony Galbraith said...

Thanks Pate!
(I am a big fan of your photography as well!)

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