Monday, April 04, 2011

A hitch and a plea

Lian, the sad patient awaiting surgery
The boxes are mostly packed and I am getting myself prepared for the next step in my creative life.  I have been reading some mythology books and jotting down ideas and looking forward to getting back to work on my art. I was looking forward to a quieter week where I could tie up some loose ends and collect energy for the move on April 11th.

Then on Friday, Lian and I sat down to clean her teeth, a weekly ritual that she bears quite bravely and offers no resistance.   That's when I noticed that her upper right molar was half gone.  A piece of it was split right past her gum line.  I took her to the vet and after a careful examination the vet gave me a grave look and said Lian would have to have surgery. 
Spring Flowers 2
This is no minor surgery.  Not inherently life-threatening, but potentially problematic. The tooth she broke (and we have yet to figure out how she broke this tooth so badly) is one of her largest teeth with three deep roots.  Several nerves are in the vicinity of this tooth and extracting this large tooth is difficult in such a tiny jaw. Needless to say, I am concerned about lasting effects of this procedure.  But, leaving the tooth in opens her up to dangerous abscesses and infections. Her surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday.

Lian is not only a companion, but a soul-friend, an emotional support and creative inspiration. She has been with me through my efforts to shift my life toward one the fully embraces my creativity.  She has weathered several moves with no complaint. When discouraged, she offers a paw or an enthusiastic lick to lift my spirits. When feeling apprehensive about my creative work, I watched her play with paint and canvas and learned that fear need not interfere with the creative process.  She has taught me that sometimes art can just be plain old fun!

Primrose by Lian Xin
Yes, Lian paints!  While in Cincinnati she was very busy with a whole studio to run around and play in.  After leaving Ohio, her access to paint and canvas was restricted to warm sunny days outdoors. I think she hasn't minded letting me focus more fully on my creative work for a while, as she has been equally content with keeping my lap warm as I work.

When Lian suffers, I suffer.  She is a muse, of sorts, for me.  Like a familiar in ancient traditions, she is a source of power and inspiration.  And this accident comes at a terrible time.  As we make this transition to Vermont, I very much want my loyal friend healthy and happy.  Surgery is a major expense for one who lives on a limited income.  It is my hope that you might consider purchasing some of Lian's paintings or greeting cards, you can help us offset some of these unexpected vet bills.

You can view her artwork on her newly created website:  Links to prints and greeting cards can be found there.  You can also watch a video of her painting.  If I sell each of the paintings listed on the site we will cover the cost of the surgery and medications.  But even one sale will be a big help.  Please share this with anyone you think might enjoy her colorful work.  We really appreciate your consideration to help.

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Antony Galbraith said...

Lian's tooth was extracted without any complications. She is healing well and is due for her post-op follow up. I believe she will get through with a clean bill of health.

Thanks to everyone who send donations, bought her artwork and sent positive wishes for her speedy recovery. We are both very appreciative!

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