Monday, March 28, 2011

Spirit of Place

Red Fox Totem by DoAn
As I prepare to move from Central NY to Vermont, I cannot help but reflect on the importance of place in relation to my art.  I have enjoyed my time in Central NY, it has allowed me to discover a love for fiber, a talent for needle-felting and interest in spinning. Living in Central NY has confirmed that living a quieter, less urban life, one with fewer distractions and easier access to nature and living more simply is right for me.  So now, for the third time in my life, I find myself heading to Vermont.  It seems I cannot stay away...maybe the third time is a charm?  Who knows? The only thing I know is not to count on any certainty!

A few weeks ago, before I packed up my paints and paper and canvas, I completed a painting of a fox.  I had been exploring my relationship to animal totems, not based on any particular tradition, but solely through my own experiences in meditation and vision work.  The Fox is a prominent animal in my life, it often appears to me at times of great change, usually in relation to a change in location.  This time has been no exception.  During the time I was considering to move to Vermont I frequently saw a fox running in the fields behind my house or along the road as I drove.   The Fox, serves as a guide for Spirit of Place.  I know, when I see a fox, it means I am in the right place, at the right time, or, as in this case, as I contemplated moving, it reassured me that my decision was the right one.

So to honor the Fox and deepen my connection, I worked on some sketches. I explored the Fox in a less representational way, something more symbolic. The image here was the end result.  When I worked on the painting, I used paint made from the gemstone Serpentine.  I chose the paint as a way to further my meditation as I painted. Serpentine is used to help ground one's energy, clearing away blocks from chakras.  It helps in meditation and draws healing energy to problematic areas, often easing mental or emotional imbalances.   It seemed the right kind of stone to work with at the time. And working on the painting helped give me a sense of control over my situation once more.

I will connect with the Fox again after I arrive in a way of settling into my new space and to honor my good friend, the Fox, who has stayed with me through these many many many moves.


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