Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Life Condensed

Now that I have closed and packed up my studio in Cincinnati, I am focused on downsizing the rest of my belongings. To keep my moving cost down and to fulfill my wish of living lightly, I have marked a block in blue tape that is about nine feet long and six feet wide and six feet high. I must fit all my belongings into this space. Whatever doesn't fit must go.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn, that after I had packed all but my kitchen stuff, I had only filled half the allotted space. I was not surprised to learn that the majority of my belongings are my art supplies! My paintings alone will probably fill up the remaining half of the moving truck.

You may be wondering, why am I restricting myself so? Well, with this move, comes a major change in my lifestyle. I believe it will be easier to start this change by severely reducing what I own and letting go of things that I don't need. My lifestyle change will focus on healthy living, non-consumerism, environmental sustainability, and quality living. I will be, in many ways, rebuilding my life from the ground up.

Since my studio is packed up, and my ability to create art is severely restricted during this transition time, I will share my thoughts and plans for this restructuring until I get my studio set up and I am back to work on my art again. I would like to share a link to an essay that I really enjoyed. The essay deals with the issue of living a non-consumer, higher quality of living lifestyle in the midst of a consumer, quantity driven society. It is written by Colin Beavan who is also known as No Impact Man. Colin and his family lived one year in Manhattan, maintaining a low to no impact lifestyle, and now he shares his experience and ideas for how to live more responsibly in the world. Please check his essay and the rest of his website out:

No Impact Man: "From Work and Spend to Work and, Well, More Work"


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