Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Butterfly Show

On my birthday I like to spend time outdoors enjoying nature. I had planned to visit the Cincinnati Zoo, which is also a botanical garden, like I did last year on my birthday. Those of you who know me, know that it ALWAYS rains on my birthday, and last year, when I went to the Zoo, it poured most of the day. The last two days, the weather here in Cincinnati has been pretty tumultuous, with violent thunderstorms and threats of tornadoes. So, I decided against the zoo and instead visited the Krohn Conservatory, which had an exhibit of butterflies from China.

This butterfly was so tame, it crawled right on my 
finger and stayed there while I got this close up shot!
I waited out the tornado warning and then headed out to enjoy the plants and butterflies. It was a pleasant experience, though it was a bit darker than I would have liked. The sun didn't actually come out until I got back home! The butterfly exhibit was really interesting. It was exciting to have butterflies of all colors and sizes flying around you and occasionally landing on you.

The conservatory itself is very beautiful. There is a Rainforest room, Tropical room, Desert room and orchid room. The plants are all well-cared for and the range of species is impressive for a small conservatory. If any of you live locally and haven't visited Krohn Conservatory, I highly recommend it. It was a nice rainy day activity, but would be worth a visit on any day. The Conservatory is open everyday of the year and it is free. (The butterfly exhibit required a small fee, but well worth it).


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