Tuesday, May 14, 2013

American Goldfinch

I will be focusing a lot of my sculpture work for the fall season, in anticipation for a show and the holidays.  It may seem strange to begin preparing work for something so far away, but needle felting sculptures (as some may know) take quite a bit of time, especially if adding the amount of detail I like.   It is important to get started, so I will have a good assortment of wild creatures on display!

Here is my sculpture of an American Goldfinch. Now that the male bird's winter plumage have molted to its summer gold and black finery...I felt a compulsion to create a sculpture using those bold colors! I particularly enjoyed working on the details of the wings and tail.  While it is not the most complicated pattern a bird can have, it certainly gave me enough to focus on.  Each line and white spot is carefully felted in separately. It can be a tedious process, but it is well worth it for the end result.

I am looking forward to some future, more complex colors and patterns. More to come!


Weaving Update: 
I am well into my fifth sampler using my handmade copper pipe loom. My skills are improving and the results, I believe are evident.

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