Friday, January 11, 2013

A Nest of Rabbits

I have started working on a family of Cottontail Rabbits. The sculpture will have a doe (the mother) and three kits (babies). The mother and first kit are complete. The second kit is nearly finished and the third you can see in the background needs a bit of work.

I think I needed to work with Rabbit energy.  I have a strong connection to the Hare (and it's close relative Rabbit).  For me this animal represents creativity and the creative life.  They live in a world filled with fear, with dangers threatening them everywhere.  Yet, despite this, Hare/Rabbit, must face the day and all its challenges.  It takes courage to leave the burrow and forage for food and find a mate.  It takes creativity and grace to outwit the predators that come from land and sky.

Often making art is difficult.  Sometimes making art forces me to face fears that rise up to confront me. They could be fears based on my own judgements about my work, fears concerning making a living or fears attached to the direction my work is taking me.  Rather than let the fear stifle me, I tell myself that the fear is only as bad as I let it become.  Rabbit (and Hare) teaches me that I have the ability to overcome fear, whether it comes from outside or inside. Through my creativity, I can find ways to transcend fear and experience a rebirth.  Rabbits and Hares, being the fertile creatures they are, are wonderful symbols for rebirth!

It seems appropriate that Rabbit comes to me at the start of the year, when I have committed to following where the fiber arts want to take me.  Perhaps working on this sculpture offers encouragement as I begin this journey and symbolizes the abundant creative energy that awaits me in exchange for letting go of the fear.


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