Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Late Summer Sun

The sun has shifted. Its light has taken on a honeyed glow.  Shadows are longer. Colors are more saturated and contrasts are more pronounced. 

I enjoy this time of year. The heat is less intense, the nights are cool. There is a lull in activity, as though resting before the grand preparation of the business of autumn.

The last few years I did not allow myself the time to sit and enjoy the passing of the seasons like I used to.  It is easy to be swept away by the busyness and distraction that permeates our society. 

There is wisdom and healing to be gained by stopping and just being for a moment.  The mad dash forward is depleting when it is not balanced with a pause and even an occasional regression.  There is much to learn when sitting quietly on my porch amongst the herbs and watching the squirrels chase each other and listen to the blue jays scold.  When the wind tosses the branches of the trees in the park across the street I am certain, if I sit quietly long enough, I will gain some wisdom that would have eluded me had I rushed on like usual.

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