Monday, September 26, 2011

A Necessary Retreat

Sunrise in Braintree, VT
I am now sitting amidst the fog-draped mountains of Braintree, Vermont.  The sun is rising fast, Thayer Brook runs rapidly over rocks recently deposited from the deluge caused by tropical storm Irene.  The leaves are changing colors, almost right before my eyes.  It is a lovely setting to be in.

This weekend I will be attending the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival in Tunbridge, VT where I will be taking a spinning class and immersing myself in all things fiber.

With the arrival of the New Moon, I have decided to spend the week before the festival to do some much needed inner work and contemplation on the direction of my creative career.  It seems I have come to a crossroads and before I just blindly move on, I believe it's necessary to take a moment and access the various options. I may end up choosing the path intuitively, but I want to be sure I am clear and centered when the time to choose comes.

Thayer Brook Road, Braintree, VT

One thing I will be doing this week is exploring the role of myth in this creative journey.  How might mythic stories (ancient and personal) play a role in guiding me forward?  What stage of the journey am I at now? What might be ahead and how should I prepare? How might I help invite ritual into my life and what role can ritual and sacredness play at a time like this?

Questions like these are crucial to my development both personally and creatively. Lately, I feel as though I have not allowed much room to ask these questions.  Sometimes I believe that society has been designed so that we don't ask them, as though, knowing one's self or one's path is something to be avoided.  But I am not fond of fumbling in the dark (for too long), and I most certainly not in favor of treading upon someone else's path.  We are each given unique skills and talents that give our life purpose, and I believe, when we live in accordance to our soul's purpose, we live a successful life.  Once in a while, a slight course correction is needed, and that is where I am now.
September in Braintree, VT

So, I hope in another week or so I will be able to share with you some insights on what comes next for me. Afterall, even though we may be walking our paths on our own feet, we all share the experiences and insights with each other.  Despite how we might feel, I don't believe that we are each an island all to ourselves, but more like facets of one big complex jewel. Each face appears separate, but really cannot exist with the support and structure of all the others.  It is my hope that learning about my journey will help with yours.

More to follow...

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