Sunday, June 06, 2010


It may have been quiet on the blog, but rest assured, I have been very busy creating sculptures for three different shows I will be setting up at this summer.  The next show I will showing at will be Summer Fest in Oneida, NY on July 10th.  After that will be Vernon Center Old Home Days on August 7th in Vernon Center, NY.  I finish up the summer with a two day show at the Oneida Historical Society Craft Days on September 11th and 12th.

I am working very hard to create quality one-of-a-kind sculptures as well as learn how to best display my work within the confines of a 10 x 10 booth space.  There are a lot of learning curves to navigate, but it keeps me motivated. I like these kinds of challenges!

And, yes, I am still working on painting.  Currently, I am working on the next piece in the goddess series.  I am focusing on the goddess Etain exploring the notion of rebirth and the element of Air.  The progress of this painting, as well as other paintings I am working on will be shared on the Patron-only blog.  This is part of my commitment to focus my paintings on a spiritual exploration.  In doing so, I am limited exposure of these pieces for the time being to patrons who support this side of my creative work through regular monetary or in-kind donations.

Patrons get access to the patron-only site DoAn Art Studio where works in progress are shared and newly completed paintings are revealed before being shown to the public.  Patrons also get all the behind the scenes access to my creative work, news and occasional special gifts. 

If you are interested in becoming a patron you can contact me for details or go to my Fractured Atlas page to make an online donation:

Your donations will help me cover the cost of materials and other expenses involved in creating these pieces.  If you are interested in setting up a lay-away payment plan, contact me about setting this up.  You will still get access the DoAn Art Studio, but your monthly contributions go toward the purchase of a piece that exists or for one that has yet to be made.  

Over the next couple of years most of my paintings will be held behind the scenes as I focus on the spiritual path the pieces are taking me on.  My plan is to assemble the body of work that accumulates in the next few years and have a show examining the spiritual journey, both as a personal and archetypal path.  Many paintings I complete will not be ready to show until I see the other works develop in relation to each other.  Some paintings may not ever be shown outside the Patron-only site.   By becoming a Patron, you not only get to view these sacred works being created, but you actively participate in the creation of these works. 

I hope you enjoy continuing to follow my exploration into the world of needle felted sculptures, but appreciate your consideration in supporting my deeply heart felt exploration of myth and spirit in paint as well.


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