Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Creative Renaissance

Lately I have been noticing a plethora of wonderful creative work made by independent artists and individuals who dedicate what little free time they have available.  With reports in the media talking about the decline of the quality of life in our society and how the vast majority of people are dissatisfied with their lives.  It is no wonder with the inadequate sleep, poor diet, long hours at work, and lack of healthy relationships that there is a resurgence in creativity.  A quick browsing of the internet will lead you to visual artists, photographers, sculpters, poets, writers, podcasters, videographers and other creative individuals who are committed to exploring and sharing their creative spirit with others. 

I am inspired by this increase in creativity and it gives me hope for the future.  During a time when so many people feel helpless and uncertain about their lives, I believe it is the creative spirit that has the ability to heal and bring back a sense of purpose.  If you doubt this power, think about how artists can transform a depressed and run-down neighborhood into a thriving community. 

Our society needs this injection of vitality.  With so much emphasis in the media on the negative and with much going on in the world to rightly be concerned about, we need to be uplifted to build our staminia for the work that needs to be done and remind us that there is a reason for us to be here.  The creative spirit allows us to pick through the rubble of a society that seems to be falling to pieces and create something new and better. 

We can all be part of this creative rennaissance.  Creativity comes in all forms and can be applied to all aspects of our lives.  We can bring creativity to our jobs, our relationships, to the way we live our lives. We can pick up a paint brush or a pen and see what happens.  Or, if we feel intimidated to be creative ourselves we can support those who are actively being creative.  Or we can do both!

Supporting independent artists is one of the best ways to invest in a better future for everyone.  Instead of going to the box stores that often purchase products manufactured overseas, at the high cost of environmental damage, look locally for artists.  Local art tends to support a sustainable lifestyle, due to the lesser amount of materials used.  Some artists even devote their crafts to creating  objects that are environmentally sound and sustainable.  Instead of mass produced greeting cards look for artists who make and market their own creations, instead of those mass produced prints, try purchasing print-on-demand or even an original piece.  There is high quality work being made out there, often times this work is much better than what mass produced "art" can deliver.  Look for independent musicians who forgo unfair contracts with big music companies to produce and market their music on their own.  Look for potters for your dishes, for sculpters to decorate your home, for independent writers for your library, and for independent filmmakers for your entertainment.

By investing in independent artists and other creative individuals, we invest in a future that not only has the potential to survive, but to thrive.  Here are just some of the creative things I have found on the internet:

Podiobooks: authors reading their own writing in audiobook format.
Pendant Publications: podcast dramas with a superhero focus by independent writers and voice actors.
Podcast Alley: "radio-shows" on the internet.  The topics and formats are limitless!
Etsy: a source for artists to showcase and sell their hand-made items.
Magnatunes: music by independent artists.
Fine Art America: prints, greeting cards, and original artwork by artists.
Lulu: books, ebooks, and calendars by self-published writers.
Smashwords: ebooks by by self-published writers. (ebooks saves paper and ink!)

And don't forget to check out the fine artists and writers who happen to be right in your own neighborhood!  They are out there working hard, often juggling multiple jobs and family responsibilities to create work that is too often taken for granted.  Bring joy to their lives and enrich your own and the lives of others while helping to support the betterment of community by patronizing local creative people!

Thank you for being part of the Creative Renaissance!

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