Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Faery Haven

From the "Secret Book of the Faery" by Earl Evermore (1889)

"Do not enter a Faery haven, unless you have been invited in.  For to do so is to risk being taken prisoner and never seen again.  If you are unlucky enough not to be taken by the Faery, they will likely put a  spell on you, which results in the chemistry of your brain to be altered.  You will never be the same.  A life of suffering will be yours until the end.

You will recognize a Faery Haven by the extreme wildness of the area.  Sometimes there will be a quality to a place that makes it odd or different than the surrounding area.  A thick growth of green amidst the dead leaves and bare trees of autumn is likely a Faery Haven. 

Do not destroy or otherwise harm a Faery Haven, for it is the home of the spirit of the area.  To cause harm to the Haven is like piercing the heart of a person, damage to the haven will effect the entire area, not just the Haven. 

I fear that there will be a day when too many Faery Havens will be destroyed and the well being of the natural environment will suffer.  If the landscape suffers, so shall we.  For humans are merely one form of expression of the natural world in which we live. "

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