Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the Media

Here is a copy of the article about my solo show "A Gathering of Crows" from the Oneida Daily Dispatch printed on Friday, January 16, 2009.
SHERRILL — Artist Antony “DoAn” Galbraith says his work is designed to inspire viewers not only to look at what he has created, but to notice a little bit more the beauty that surrounds them every day.

“I think my mission is to help people see and appreciate what they have all around them,” Galbraith explained.

Galbraith has brought his artwork to the Sherrill-Kenwood Free Library for an exhibit running through the month of January, offering a black and white collection of feathered friends titled “A Gathering of Crows.” He said his art is more of a subjective study of the birds, rather than an attempt at recreating their appearance in detail.

“I didn’t just want to make a copy like a photograph; I really wanted to explore their essence more than anything else,” he said.
Signing his work with the dharma name “DoAn” — meaning “way of peace” — in honor of Buddhist philosophies, Galbraith embraces both art and myth in his exhibit. Alongside his art, featuring mostly black ink on canvas or clay board, are written pieces telling facts and stories about crows.

Library director Bonnie Unsworth said the black and white composition of the art poses a striking contrast to some of the more colorful recent exhibits, and she complimented the way Galbraith combined art and prose in his display.

“I think it’s all very interesting, especially the way he has all of the things to read along with his art,” she said. “It’s nice for people to be able to not only see the crows, but learn more about them. The library is a place of learning.”

Galbraith recently moved back to Sherrill after 20 years away, and said he finds a lot of subject matter for his art in the Silver City.

“We have so much access to nature here,” he explained. “I can go out in my backyard and be surrounded by birds. This is a great place to work, and I think if I can get other people to think about how important nature is in our lives then I’ve done my job.”

The exhibit will be on display through the beginning of February. The Sherrill-Kenwood Free Library is located at 543 Sherrill Rd., across from the city’s Post Office. For more information call 363-5980.
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