Thursday, May 29, 2008

Interview with Hobbyhorse Cafe

I wanted to share with you a wonderful interview I had with Hobbyhorse Café.
Hobbyhorse Café is a virtual online café for visionary people. It is a website with an inviting atmosphere and no advertisements, designed for the listener and viewers‘ enjoyment. The site features the musical duo Hobbyhorse as well as a wide array of guest musicians, artists and poets. One of the interesting features of the Hobbyhorse Café is the Conscious Choice Pricing system. Like me, Hobbyhorse Café believes that music, art and poetry are not ordinary commodities. The arts are expressions of the Spirit, and how can anyone reduce such things to a commodity? However, artists need to make a living, and it is so important that the arts be supported so that artists can continue to gift the world with their creations. At Hobbyhorse Café they ask: What do you want to pay? With Conscious Choice Pricing they let YOU decide. I echo Hobbyhorse Café's vision with my own Patron Program, which I am continually working on developing. It is our way of helping others to understand the importance of art, without the pretention.

To view my interview with Hobbyhorse, please go here. It is worth the visit!

Also, if you have any suggestions for how the Patron Program might work for you, please share your ideas with me!


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