Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another Experiment

Here is the latest of my experiments with ink. This is ink on Aquaboard, which is a hardboard panel coated with a special water absorbing clay. I really like the results of using this ground and will be spending the next few months developing pieces using ink and Aquaboard. I will also be producing some new pieces using ink on watercolor canvas. This work tends to take a bit longer to produce. Because of the permanence of ink, every stroke counts. It is a fine balance between controlling the ink and allowing it to be spontaneous. It requires a very still, yet open mind...steady hand and some risks.

I am quite inspired from my recent attendance to FaerieCon. I hope you will enjoy the new work over the next few months. I am always happy to hear comments about my pieces. As I start developing these new pieces, it is always helpful hear how people are responding to them. You can leave comments here on this blog or email me at doanart@gmail.com.

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