Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Neptune: Icy Depths

(18 x 18 acrylic on canvas, SOLD)
I see this piece relating more directly to my Planets series, in that it is an abstract expressionist representation of Neptune. Similar to my painting of Uranus, I created layers of blue colors to create a sense of depth, like the layers of gases that cover Neptune. Over that, I dripped a thin glaze of metallic interference paint representing the ice crystals on Neptune. Interference paint is a special kind of paint that has mica chips suspended in a medium that allows for light to be bent into its color complements. If the interference paint is not mixed with other pigments, you will notice that blue will reflect orange, violet will reflect yellow, and red reflect green. In this painting the drips contain different amounts of pigment so the light bounces off them in various ways, allowing some of the drips to appear fainter than others, but does not reflect orange back. I wanted to go for a subtler, more subdued effect.

I actually got inspired by to do this painting by attending two different performances of Petrushka, by Stravinksi. While listening to the music I experienced a sense of blue and great depths, which compelled me to do this painting. It may seem strange, that Petrushka music for a ballet about a Russian Pinocchio-like puppet named Petrushka. But, sometimes the muse speaks in unexpected ways.


Some people have inquired about the "DoAn Art" logo that appears on my paintings. Please note that these are not on the original paintings.

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