Monday, April 22, 2013

Local Media Coverage

Last Monday, I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed and show some of my felting work on Mohawk Vally Living, a show that explores the arts, entertainment, culture and heritage of the greater Mohawk Valley region of New York State.  I have attached the video here, but you can also view it on the Mohawk Valley Living website.  My interview is about eight minutes in, but I encourage you to listen to the other interviews, it is all very interesting!  Just after my spot is an interview with Shannon Crandall, an artist that lives just around the corner from me who will be co-teaching the Felted Bead Workshop in June.  

Course I: Felted Flower 
Additionally I have new classes beginning in May teaching how to make needle-felted flowers, butterflies and bluebirds.  If you missed the courses the first time or would like to strengthen your skills and take them again, now is your chance to sign up.   Click here for more information or to register. 
Course III: Felted Bluebird
Course II: Felted Butterfly

Weaving Update: I recently built my own copper pipe loom and I am now working on my fifth weaving sampler.

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