Thursday, August 09, 2012

What Bat Teaches

Little Brown Bat Wool Sculpture
Little Brown Bat Wool Sculpture

Recently, I was visited by a little brown bat. It flew into my bedroom, circled once around and flew back out. I never saw the bat again, but in the days that followed I contemplated on what Bat as an animal messenger might communicate.  This is what came to me:

Shrouded in mystery and often feared and misunderstood, Bat offers some complex and challenging lessons.

Bat lives in dark places, navigates in the dark and because of this, it teaches us to utilize senses other than sight, even perhaps extra sensory perception.  Bat may be asking us to experience the world differently than we are used to and expand our awareness.

We may need to extend our awareness outward, like a bat using echolocation to navigate the dark. Or we may need to turn inward, like the bat entering the cave, to gain insight. The cave, itself ripe with symbolism, can be thought of as a place of power and origins.  Bat can help uncover the symbolic meaning of the cave, if we first learn to expand our awareness outside that of what we are used to.

Bats are social animals, living closely with hundreds or thousands of others.  Bat reminds us that we are not alone, even when we are in the dark.   We have allies all around us; it may be to time seek out those who understand us and support the journey we are being called upon to take.

Bat can be a powerful companion on this journey, if we disregard the fear that is often associated with it.  We must learn to overcome any fear that may prevent us from opening up our awareness and entering the dark, because when Bat shows up as a messenger, it is serious and not meant to be taken lightly.  Bat has high expectations, it doesn't choose the receiver of its lessons casually.  However, even though, what Bat teaches may be challenging, it always chooses those capable of hearing and answering its call.

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lilylazuli said...

This information is so great! Thanks Tony for sharing...I love it!!

Antony Galbraith said...

Thanks. I am glad you found it helpful. There is a lot of information about Bat as an animal messenger. But I wanted to tap into my subconscious and see what emerged.

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