Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Autumn!

Black-Capped Chickadee Needle Felted Wool Sculpture
Happy Autumn to all!

This is always a busy time for me (probably for many creative people).  I find my energy rising, the urge to create grows stronger, after the slow creative sapping drain of summer.  Then, there are the shows!  Last year, I was doing a show a month for over half the year. This year, I decided to take a break. Moving and resettling takes a lot out of me and I'm just starting to feel like I know where I am when I wake. 

I am currently between shows, having just finished showing my work at the Madison County Historical Society's Craft Days in Oneida, NY.  Now I am preparing work for FaeryCon in Hunt Valley, Maryland in early November.   I will be helping out visionary watercolor artist and jewelry maker Helena Nelson Reed in her booth. She has so kindly invited me to bring some of my sculpture to show.  I will be bringing some new pieces that explore the fantasy side of myth, so expect some sparkle in the sculptures!

Since I came back from New York, I have been working on updating my website and adding original paintings and needle felted sculptures that are available for purchase. I will continue to add sculptures throughout the week, and some more after I return from FaerieCon.  I hope that some (if not all) of these pieces find their way to a new home during the holidays.  They are eager to lighten someone's heart or inspire a person to ignite their own passions!  Like teenagers stuck in their homes, the last place my work wants to be is sitting here with me!  You can view the sculpture galleries here: http://www.doanart.com/Sculpture.html

There is also time to order Pet Portrait Sculptures in time for the holidays.  The earlier one places an order the more likely it will be able to fit into my schedule for the crunch of holiday time.  For information on Custom Pet Portrait Sculptures please visit this link: http://doanart.com/Pet_Portraits.html

I have added two more original paintings to my gallery, which are now available for sale, both possessing winter themes:

Winter Deer (watercolor)
Winter Deer, is a quiet study of a stag amidst tall grasses in a heavy snow fall.  I am always impressed with how such a large creature as a deer can exist among the crowded properties of the suburbs, often without being seen.  When I was in central New York, I often wondered how many deer may be standing among the cornstalks, completely silent and undetectable.  This is where the painting Winter Deer came from.

Birch Spirit (watercolor)
Birch Spirit, is a painting I completed while at OAC in Belle, MO.  While there I was impressed with the spirit energy trees possess and I imagined trees having attendant beings that watch over and protect them.  Similar to, I suppose, the dryads of legend.  Each tree species has a particular guardian spirit.  In this case, a luminous white stag with an impressive rack of antlers, was the spirit I imagined walked among a stand of swaying and curious observant birch trees. 

Both paintings are available as originals as well as as prints.  They can be even be custom made into greeting cards, perfect for the holidays!

Perhaps I will see some of you at FaerieCon, but regardless, I'll start being more vigilant about posting more regularly when less energy is directed toward preparing for shows and traveling.  Next week I am off to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival for some inspiration, however,  I am looking forward to getting back to my chakra paintings and working on commissions!  I will have a lot more to share then!

Thank you all for your continued support!
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