Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Inspiration

Recent sketches in my notebooks....

I have been keeping busy despite the heat and humidity that has descended upon the Champlain Valley (and far and wide across the land).  Just before the humidity set in I began to varnish several small pieces and once the humidity passes I will add the final coats of varnish and have some new pieces to post on my website.

On the hottest and most humid days, I have retreated to my room downstairs and began sketching out some ideas for some new pieces.  The Root Chakra painting is progressing well, though, I find I must take frequent breaks to gather my energy, as this painting is asking for a lot of attention and focus.  Taking a break to sketch and draw has been a good balance to the kind of intense focus that the painting has been demanding.  It also allows me to process some of the internal stuff that has been rising while working with Root Chakra energies.

At my most drained moments, I have turned to reading books by Patricia McKillip.  McKillip is an artist's author.  Her writing is so rich with imagery that nearly every page offers inspiration for a piece of artwork.  I have been savoring each of her books one by one, reading them slowly and letting the imagery live in my head.  I have also been enjoying listening to the summer nights.  There is something quitelovely about listening to the sounds of the night in the summer time.  I tend to become a bit of a night owl at this time of year, which is hard for an early bird, who still struggles to get up and moving in the morning.

Unlike many summers past, I am not struggling creatively.  Ideas are flowing and there is a lot to explore.  Now if only my energy level would match the creative urge!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!

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