Monday, June 20, 2011

Custom Pet Portrait Sculptures

"Sassy" with Sassy
During the last two years I have been perfecting my needle-felting skills and now, in addition to making paintings, I create custom ordered pet portraits.  These are one-of-a-kind, hand-made sculptures crafted from wool roving (and sometimes other fibers) which is poked several thousand times with a special barbed needle. When the wool is poked with the needle, it fuses the fibers together (felting) and allows the wool to be shaped in anyway I can image. The process is extremely time-consuming, each sculpture taking between 20 - 30 hours to complete.  The sculptures are amazingly life-like and become wonderful and affordable works of art that can last a life-time. 

The flexibility of the wool allows me to make any breed of dog or cat or any species of animal, such as a pet goldfish or bird.  I try my best to make the sculpture appear as close as possible to the actual animal. Having as many photographs as possible and a good description of the animal is a big help! In some cases I can even felt clippings of your pet's fur to become part of the sculpture.  If the fur is too short or fine for felting, I can enclose the clippings inside the sculpture.  It is an excellent way to memorialize your beloved pet! 

I enjoy creating these little portraits very much.  The bond we have with our pets is, for many of us, one of the strongest in our lives.  Having the opportunity to celebrate that bond between animal and human companion is an honor!  For more information you can visit my website Pet Portrait Sculptures or to order your Custom Pet Portrait Sculpture, please click here: Order Pet Portrait Sculpture

Here are a couple of testimonials from current Pet Portrait owners and customers:
"I wanted something really special to give my friend for her milestone birthday and a felted portrait sculpture of her beloved Basset Hound couldn't have been more perfect.  I sent Antony a couple of photos and he masterfully captured not only the likeness but the soul of her pet.  Antony is not only a gifted artist; he is an intuitive one as well. " P.H.


 "Really amazing work by Antony - several people who knew Mia personally thought the pics of the sculpture were photos of Mia at first glance. I'm truly pleased with the finished piece, so much spirit." P.S.

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