Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dedication to a Life in Making Art

As my supporting Patrons know, I have been trying out a new working schedule. Starting out Monday and Tuesdays were devoted to sculpture work.  Wednesdays were for art-career business and marketing work, which includes writing on my blogs, updating my website, doing miscellaneous paperwork.  Thursday and Friday were for painting.  Left Saturdays and Sundays for whatever I felt like working on or whatever might need more attention, such as commission work.  Just this week I switched painting to the start of the week, because I needed to spend a little more time on sculptures due to some upcoming shows.
 I start working on my art at 8am and work through to about 4pm, with a short break for lunch.  Late afternoons and evenings are devoted to freelance work and correcting student papers.

Custom Pet Portrait Sculpture by DoAn

I am also devoting time to write a novel that I have been picking up and putting down for over ten or more years.  Currently, I wake up at 6 am, eat some breakfast, make some tea and and write until 8 am, have some breakfast and then get to work on the art.  When Daylight savings goes into effect,  I plan to get up at 5 am, so I can have a good hour and a half to two hours a day to work on my writing.

It is my goal, that with this working schedule, I will be able to address each part of my creative work with more focus and structure.  I also need room to be able to work on those paintings that stir me and open my soul, so this schedule should help give me time for that.  In addition to commission work lined up, I have several paintings waiting to be started.  I have drawings of Sedna, Datura, the Soul Tree and many sketches and notes on Chakra paintings, as well as more goddess and god paintings to be explored.  It is going to be a busy winter!

I believe that by devoting my time to serious creative work, and holding this time as a sacred activity, that it will continue to lead me on the path to a sustainable career in art.  I have no idea how I will end up . I have found, however, that when I put my trust in the process of making art, opportunities open up and reveal themselves to me.  Most of this year has been focused on showing my sculptures, a way of getting more regular income to support me while I work on creating these very challenging and soul-searching paintings.  My inner voice tells me "just work on the art!"  So that is what I am doing.

It seems appropriate to me, to be making this intention known to my patrons, right as summer becomes fall. Autumn is the time of beginnings (according to the Celtic calendar) and at the turning of the the season, I state my career goals and confirm my intentions to a future in art before you all

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