Thursday, December 03, 2009

Studio Clearance Sale: Fodla -- You choose the price!

The next "you name the price" painting being featured is "Fodla", acrylic, 16 x 16 on canvas. (Original price: $349).  This painting is a meditation on one of the three goddess queens of sovereignty for Ireland.  The three sisters were Fodla, Banba and Eriu.  When the humans came to colonize what was to be known as Ireland, the queens willingly gave the land to them in exchange for their names be used for the island.  Each have their names have since been used in poetry and literature, with Eriu being the most commonly used, eventually becoming Ireland. 

This painting was created using a glazing technique.  It requires many many thin layers of paint placed over each other to create the luminous quality and varying range of colors and values.  The reference for this painting was the patina on a statue from Rittenhouse Park in Philadelphia, PA.  I am sure it would fit in nicely to a home or office that needs a cool color palette and a modern or primitive design element.  The painting is frame in a metal floating canvas black frame with silver edging.  (Please keep in mind the image here is slightly more green than the original painting, which tends toward a cooler blue-green. I higher resolution scan of a small section of the painting can be sent if requested.)

"You name the price" means if you like one of my specially selected pieces you can determine the price! (and I mean any price!)  The painting could be yours on your budget!  Think about it, you could own an original painting of your very own and now there is no reason for you not to!

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