Thursday, September 24, 2009

Moving Forward: First Quarter

The moon has moved from its dark phase and now begins the first quarter or waxing phase.  With increasing light of moon, energy too is increasing. Your monthly projects are taking shape and your plans should be in motion.  However, just like any project that has been started, obstacles and challenges will arise.

The First Quarter energy reminds you to take a moment to re-evaluate your course of action and determine whether you should continue on as planned or to redirect your path.   If you followed the guidance of the New Moon, you will have taken time to rest and gather strength, so you should have the stamina to alter your path should you find it necessary or plug away as you have.

As the moon moves ever closer to its Full phase, we will find our energy continuing to grow and our projects coming closer to fruition.  Let the moon guide you.  It's a giant reminder above showing you that work can be accomplished in a healthy and balanced way, which is the path of true productivity. 

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