Thursday, September 17, 2009

Exploring Cycles: New Moon

Because of my interest in exploring and connecting to natural cycles and rhythms, I thought it would be appropriate to officially begin the process and share my journey at the start of the New Moon phase. In ancient Celtic tradition, the beginning of a cycle is it the dark time. For example, the day begins at sunset, not at midnight, and so the beginning of the lunar cycle is when the moon is dark.

Energetically, the time of the new moon calls for introspection and meditation and to reflect on your accomplishments of the previous month. The new moon can then be a time of being rather than doing, a time to rest and prepare for the next cycle where energy will increase and action will begin again.

I believe, for me, the previous lunar cycle was focused mainly on my getting to O.A.C. and getting settled in here. I spent the last week wandering about the grounds (I have probably only covered about a quarter of the land so far!) and just connecting to the energy and abundant life here. Sometimes I just sat and observed or read in different locations of O.A.C. and other times I sketched or took photos. Over the next week, I will reflect on my being here and meditate on my plans for what I will work on through the next lunar cycle.

It makes sense to me to incorporate a regular interval quiet time in our lives. So much of our society is focused on constant production and a striving to attain goals at all costs, which, I think, is unhealthy. It is impossible to be constantly productive (and I believe it's unnecessary), because eventually productivity fails when a person becomes exhausted, burned out, and depleted of all resources. Yet despite this, society pushes us ever harder to live up to this impossible notion. However, if someone wants to be truly productive (in a healthy way), there needs to be a period of rest and reflection. Without such a time, we are more apt to become depleted and spin off into directions that may not necessarily be appropriate for our goals. I can think of a lot of examples in my own life or in America where this is just what has happened!

Why not join me during this time to let things go for a week? Stop doing and just be for a little while. Reflect on the last month and the work you have been doing. Examine whether you are on track with your goals, or if an adjustment is needed. Rest. Meditate. Give thanks for what you have, so that you can begin the next phase with renewed energy and focus for the next cycle ahead. Avoid thinking of this time as a waste. It is a critically important part of a natural and healthy cycle that promotes growth and balance in any endeavor. I look forward to seeing you with me in the dark!

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