Sunday, February 15, 2009

No problem

As I come toward the end of completing a painting I have been working on in some form or another since last August, ideas and plans for the next painting have started to creep to mind.

I sat down earlier in the week to try to sketch out some of these ideas so that I could start working on the painting a bit sooner. However, the images weren't coming out. It was strange. They were there. I was conscious of them. I had some really great ideas, but they just wanted to stay ideas. It wasn't time to bring them out. I realized then, that I wasn't ready to connect to the new painting.

Perhaps I still had too strong of a connection to the painting that wasn't quite finished, or perhaps those ideas just needed some more time to flit about and change and try on new shapes. Whatever the case, I have learned that our desire to be productive all the time can really get in the way of being creative and inspired.

Instead of struggling and forcing those ideas out. I read. I slept. I worked on the existing painting. I listened to music. I let the ideas stay where they are and told myself it is okay not to produce something all the time.

I have already told my wonderful and supportive patrons on the patron-only blog, that this year will be a little different than in past years. The last two years were all about producing art at a dizzying rate. It was the right thing for me after years of struggling to get a handful of paintings done. I had to satisfy this urge to just produce. My spirit needed that attention. But now I sense the creative energy is taking a new shape, there is a direction that is forming, and now it is time to offer reflection in balance to creation.

You might see fewer pieces created this year, but rest assured, and as you will see through my future blog posts, art IS being created. It is just happening at a different pace. I can't help to think that if we took this approach toward most things in our lives, might we find ourselves more content? Rushing always to be somewhere else...Hurrying to meet a deadline or a goal...Speeding through relationships (personal or not) and missing the moment. Might it sometimes be sweeter to cut back on the pressure and enjoy the path itself?

Well, I am going to give it a try this year and see how it goes.

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