Tuesday, July 25, 2006

You are cordially invited to the exhibition opening reception for artist DoAn's new series of paintings entitled The Planets.

You are welcome to invite and bring guests with you to the reception, where refreshments will be served.

Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 29th 6pm to 10pm
World Culture Open Center
19 W. 26th St., 5Fl
New York, NY 10010


From Press Release:

Through the vision and creative talents of painter DoAn, viewers will have the opportunity to take a unique tour of the planets in an exhibition at the WCO Center Gallery, 19 W. 26th St., 5FL, New York, NY. The exhibition runs July 29th and 30th, with opening reception on Saturday, July 29th from 6pm to 10pm. Works included in the exhibition are ten abstract expressionist acrylic paintings inspired by the planets of the solar system.

DoAn (the artistic name for Antony Galbraith) was fueled by an interest in things related to outer space. He gathered information and combined research, intuition and meditation to produce this series. Not interested in simply recreating images supplied by NASA, the Hubble Telescope, or other scientific sources, DoAn chose to find a more personal connection with each planet. Using factual information, he developed a foundation to work from and then turned to mythology, literature, and music to further inspire his work. He also drew from his Buddhist experience and spent time in meditation before working on each painting to develop a vision for each piece.

The result is a collection of paintings exhibiting a compelling variety of techniques. Some paintings, Mercury and Pluto for example, are heavy impasto works, incorporating sand and other minerals, such as garnet, lava, and mica. Others are built from many layers of delicate glazes. Jupiter, for instance, was created from over 30 layers of five different colors, carefully applied to produce an array of colors and a sense of depth. Some paintings, such as Neptune and Uranus, are a combination of these techniques. Despite the apparent contrasting methods of execution, this collection of personal portraits possesses a clear sense of unity in its ability to evoke the essential and unique natures of the Planets.

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